Want Hotter Water Faster? Water Heaters That Will Do The Job

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Want Hotter Water Faster? Water Heaters That Will Do The Job

Electric water heaters have only one advantage; they use the electricity that the rest of your house uses so that you only have to pay one utility bill (unless you use propane or natural gas for your stove). Now, if you want hotter water faster, you can certainly swap out your electric water heater for something else. It is actually a lot easier to swap out your electric heater for one of the following, rather than replacing one of them with an electric water heater. If you were trying to do it in reverse, you would have to rewire your fuse box and part of your home to accommodate the electric water heater.

Propane Hot Water Heaters

Propane hot water heaters burn hotter, cleaner and more efficient than all of your other options. That is because propane is a highly refined gas that is left after natural gas is repeatedly "filtered" for impurities. What is left is a gas that burns up completely with no residues to worry about, and it burns hotter for it. This means that you never have to leave your water run for several minutes until it is hot enough to wash with or bathe with.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is gas taken directly from the Earth. It is relatively unrefined. While it is still more efficient than electricity at heating water, it is less efficient than its cleaner relative, propane. Most cities pump natural gas right into your home, but propane may require regular deliveries of propane tanks to keep the water heater running. You will have to check with your HVAC specialist to see which product is currently fed into homes via the city's gas lines. 


A boiler is another option for heating water. It literally boils water, which obviously makes your water supply in the house quite warm. The boiler also holds and heats that water continuously so that you are never short on hot water.

A boiler can also simultaneously heat your home, if you are interested in a "one appliance does most HVAC jobs" sort of thing. It is more efficient than electricity, but less efficient than your other two gas-fueled water heater options. However, as far as water heaters go, it is about half the size of propane or natural gas water heaters, so it takes up a lot less space in your home. 

For more information about your options, contact a local supplier or installation service like Taylor Gas Company Inc.

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