Sewer Line Cleaning Questions Addressed

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Sewer Line Cleaning Questions Addressed

A working sewer line will be necessary for removing the wastewater that you and your family may produce throughout the day. Despite the fact that many homeowners may go long periods of time without giving their sewer line much consideration, there will still be some basic maintenance that must be followed.

Why Would It Be Necessary to Have Your Sewer Line Cleaned?

Cleaning the sewer line is the most basic and one of the most important types of care that you can give it. When you fail to have your sewer line cleaned on a regular basis, there will be a much larger risk of the sewer line becoming clogged, which can lead to major damage inside the home due to overflowing drains and toilets. By having a company like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services clean the sewer line, you will remove many of the substances that can accumulate on the interior of the line before they are able to have a serious impact on the ability of water to flow through the sewer line.

Are There Steps You Can Take to Reduce the Need for Sewer Cleanings?

Homeowners will often want to take aggressive steps to reduce the amount of maintenance that they will need to do. When it concerns the sewer line, there are a couple of basic steps that may help to reduce the frequency with which you will need to have the sewer line cleaned. One of the most effective will be to avoid pouring anything greasy or sticky down the drain as these substances can accumulate on the interior of the sewer line. Also, you may want to upgrade to a type of toilet paper that is designed to easily and rapidly decompose as this will reduce the risk of it becoming stuck in the sewer line.

How Will a Professional Clean Your Sewer?

When you have your sewer line cleaned, you may anticipate that it will be an extremely difficult and disruptive type of work to have done. However, it is a remarkably quick procedure for homes that are equipped with fairly short sewer lines. During this work, the technician will use an extremely pressurized source of water to loosen and remove any materials that may have gotten stuck to the interior sides of the sewer line. In some instances, the force of the water may be sufficient to dislodge small clogs and other obstructions. Prior to the start of this work, the technician will use a small camera to inspect the interior of the sewer line to determine whether or not cleaning it is likely to correct the issue you are experiencing.

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