4 Things To Know About Your First Dumpster Rental

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4 Things To Know About Your First Dumpster Rental

If you're ready to declutter your house or landscape your yard, you may wonder how you'll handle all the debris you create. The easy solution is to rent a dumpster. If you've never rented a dumpster before, the idea may seem intimidating, but it's actually an easy process, and it makes getting rid of junk a lot more convenient. Here are four things to know about dumpster rentals.

1. Weekly Rental Periods Are Common

When you call a dumpster rental company to ask about rates, be sure to ask about the rental periods they offer. Some companies might offer weekend rentals or daily rentals, but it's common to rent dumpsters by the week. You can even rent one for longer than that if you need to.

A weekly rental gives you plenty of time to complete your work and to allow for downtime due to rain or other interruptions. You may want to call your local codes office first and ask if there is a time limit for keeping dumpsters on your property.

2. The Dumpster Is Placed On Your Driveway

You probably won't have a lot of choices when it comes to dumpster placement. It has to be on your property and not on the street unless you have permission from the city. In addition, the dumpster has to be on a firm surface, so placing it on the bare ground usually isn't an option.

Plus, you have to consider the space the truck needs to deliver the dumpster. That leaves the driveway as the best location for rental dumpster parking, even if it does inconvenience your usual parking habits for a few days.

3. You Can't Throw Everything In A Dumpster

When you're calling for information about dumpsters to rent, let the company know what you plan to place in the dumpster so you know about things that are prohibited. In some cases, you may not be allowed to mix tree branches and yard debris with household goods. Other companies might allow you to mix junk, but they may prohibit things like electronics or paint.

The waste that dumpster rental companies accept depends on local landfill regulations and the availability of recycling centers. Some dumpster companies might sort the junk they pick up, while others haul everything straight to the dump. If your local landfill won't accept a certain type of waste, a dumpster company probably won't accept it either.

4. Get Advice On Sizing

It's hard to choose the size you need for your first dumpster. Dumpsters come in various sizes, and the larger they are, the more they cost. You probably want a small dumpster, but the dumpster should be large enough to hold all your waste without anything sticking out the top.

Let the company know your intentions for the dumpster, and they can estimate the size you need. If you find out you have more waste than you expected, the company can empty the dumpster and bring it back.

To learn more, contact a dumpster rental company.

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