A Solar Generator Comes In Handy When You Go Camping With Electronics

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A Solar Generator Comes In Handy When You Go Camping With Electronics

If you do a lot of camping by tent or RV, then you should think about buying a solar generator to use when you travel. While you might have hookups when you stay at a campground, if you want to camp in remote locations for some solitude in nature, you'll need your own source of power. When it comes to portable generators, you can choose one that's gas or solar powered. A solar generator has benefits that make it a better choice in many cases. Here's how a solar generator is better than a gas generator when you travel.

There Is No Need To Carry Gas

The main benefit is that you won't need to carry gas for a generator or stop to buy it all the time. A solar generator relies on only the sun to make power. It consists of solar panels, a battery for storing electricity, and an inverter that converts solar power into electricity that powers your electronics and small appliances.

As long as you can place the panels in the sun, you'll have a steady supply of solar power that can be stored in the battery for use day and night. Without the need to carry heavy gas around, it's easier to carry a generator with you when you hike off the beaten path for tent camping.

Solar Generators Are Quiet And Less Dangerous

Solar generators are ideal for camping because they are quiet. You probably don't want to hear the drone of a generator with a gas engine when you're camping in the hushed wilderness. If you're in a primitive campground, you don't want to run a noisy generator and bother other campers. You can safely run a solar generator inside an RV or tent. Unlike a gas generator that emits toxic fumes and must be placed outdoors, solar generators emit no fumes so they are safe to use in an enclosed space. You can bring the generator inside at night to charge your electronics, power lights, or run a heater.

The Solar Panels Can Mount On Your RV

Some RVs come with solar power already hooked up with solar panels mounted on the roof. If yours doesn't have a solar system yet, you can buy the supplies and have one put on. By putting the solar panels on the roof of your RV, they'll be in the perfect spot for getting full sun as you drive along the highway. The panels can charge up the battery so you have power for using a microwave, coffee pot, and other small appliances when you pull over for a rest stop.

Mounting solar panels on the roof is a permanent solution and it allows you to have larger panels and a larger battery for more power. However, if you only want enough power for lights at night and to keep your electronics charged, then a small portable generator you carry with you and place on the ground should be enough for your needs.

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